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Alex Salmond accused of a 'huge deception' over his plans for a currency union after a Yes vote
31 Jul 2014
Just when you thought you were going to get a break from football before the new season starts, Jim Murphy would like to invite you to the Scottish launch of his book 'The 10 Football Matches that Changed the World and the One that Didn't'. It’s the story of the ten most important football matches ever played.
Local MP Jim Murphy kicked off his programme of street surgeries this week in Newton Mearns. Over the coming months, Jim will be conducting roving surgeries throughout East Renfrewshire to hear about issues which are affecting local residents on their own doorsteps.
East Renfrewshire MP and MSP were on hand to see how their recently launched work experience initiative is helping young people back to work at Mearns Castle Golf Academy. Recent figures show that over fifty voluntary placements have been taken up through the initiative, over 20% of which have led to permanent, paid jobs.
Last weekend, you might have seen a number of Scottish Newspapers carried reports of my survey of Electoral Registration Officers (EROs), in which I asked the EROs about members of the armed forces stationed outside of Scotland and the Scottish referendum. At the bottom of this blog I've enclosed a number of sources, statistics and quotations which explain the rules and the problem in great detail. But for all the complexity of the issue, the answer is simple. The SNP should make as big an effort to get Forces to vote as they do to get the rest of Scotland to vote Yes.

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Video blog from Mearns Castle Golf Academy highlighting the success of my work experience project


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