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Straight from a visit in Hamilton to a sunny street stall in my own constituency.
16 Apr 2015
The SNP have ruled out any coalition with Labour. Labour have ruled out any coalition with the SNP. When neither side want a coalition deal, it’s a safe bet that no such election deal will take place.
On Wednesday Scotland’s annual accounts, the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report (GERS), were published. They showed the SNP’s full fiscal autonomy plan to scrap Barnett would have cost Scotland more than £4 billion last year. That’s worth more than £800 per person.
Local MP Jim Murphy and Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh are calling for the Scottish Government to take urgent action to address the lack of adequate parking and public transport links to the new Southern General.
Local MP Jim Muprhy and Eastwood MSP, Ken Macintosh visited schools across the constituency this week as part of their annual Fairtrade Schools Competition.

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Scottish Labour has a plan. It's a plan for Scotland that will make a real difference to you and your family. 1,000 more nurses in Scotland - funded by a UK-wide tax on properties worth over £2 million Fair pay with an £8 Minimum Wage and a Living Wage Ban on exploitative Zero-Hours contracts Guarantee a job, training or an apprenticeship for young people - paid for by a tax on Bankers' Bonuses Double paternity leave Tackle tax avoidance

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